Student Initiated Outreach Center

The Student Initiated Outreach Center (SIOC) was created in the spring of 1998 as a means of funding student-initiated, student run outreach and access programs.

About SIOC


The impetus for its creation came in the wake of the dramatic drop of underrepresented students in the UC system, due to the passage of Proposition 209 and UC Regent Standing Policy 1 (SP1). Organizations from the historically underserved communities at UCLA pressured the University of California office of the President to allocate funding to all UC campuses for the creation of a funding source for student-initiated, student-run programs. Resulting from this pressure, the SIOC was created on the UCLA campus.


Although the SIOC was created only a little over a decade ago, student-run, student-initiated efforts have been ongoing at UCLA for over 30 years. For students living in underserved communities, there has historically been a lack of adequate college outreach services and relevant educational support for the K-12 education system. Hence, UCLA students from historically underserved communities have consistently addressed those needs by providing relevant, culturally sensitive and institutionally challenging services. The SIOC is the result of a long line of collaborative student-initiated programs such as those provided by the Community Programs Office (CPO) and the Student Retention Center (SRC).

The SIOC provides an alternative to traditional university outreach efforts. The SIOC projects accepts all students who seek to participate by encouraging students from the most challenging backgrounds to participate. The program works at the student’s individual levels to empower them to take their academic and life goals into their own hands. There are seven projects in the Student Initiated Outreach Center that administer services to over a thousand service recipients in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. The project receives funding through successful referendum measures approved in 1999, 2005, and 2009. The Student Initiated Outreach Committee administers funding, evaluates projects, and oversees operations for its Center.