Community Programs Office

About the CPO

The mission of the Community Programs Office, UCLA’s cross-cultural center, is to build and nurture an inclusive and diverse community of scholars and leaders who are committed to giving back to historically marginalized communities by engaging, educating, and empowering students to develop and execute student-initiated, student-run outreach, service and retention programs.

We are committed to developing a new generation of dynamic leaders by shaping our students to become motivated, responsible, and critically conscious individuals and fostering a safe and positive environment where students can use their education as a vehicle for social change through direct action in the community.

The four pillars of the CPO:

Access and Outreach

We envision a society where all students have the support they need to graduate from high school, enroll and complete college, and lead productive lives. By developing alternatives to traditional university outreach efforts, we strive to promote college preparation and success for underrepresented minorities in hopes of increasing the percentage of students admitted to college and universities from these communities.


We encourage students to utilize the unique energy, voice and creativity of UCLA students to directly respond to pressing issues and societal needs of underrepresented communities in the areas of education, health, and social justice by supporting student efforts to move beyond the university in becoming social actors and leaders both locally and globally.


We aim to retain 100% of UCLA students from historically disenfranchised communities to ensure that they have the education, training, and support needed to graduate, compete in today’s workforce, and contribute as productive members and leaders of their communities. By providing culturally relevant academic support, mentoring programs, and leadership development, we aim to enhance the student experience to improve student success and college graduation rates.


We strive to develop a generation of leaders who are deeply rooted in the ideals of honesty, integrity, and compassion to become effective community leaders and better people. We encourage students to harness their leadership skills to serve and inspire those around them and to remain committed to advancing those who have less than they do.

General information

Departmental Professional Management

Antonio Sandoval – Director
Thuy Huynh – Associate Director
Angela De Cenzo – Business and Human Resources Officer & SREC Advisor
Russell Castro – Assistant to the Director & SREC Administrative Support

Elected Student Leadership

Fernanda Romero – CPOSA Internal Chairperson
Deja Mathews – CRC Chairperson
Oscar Macias – SIOC Chairperson
Paola Gonzalez- SREC Chairperson & CPOSA External Chairperson

Departmental Professional Staff

Vusisizwe Azania – Community Service Advisor
Dennis Santiago – Community Service Advisor
Layhannara Tep – Retention Advisor
Emilio Hernandez – K-14 Outreach Advisor
Rohit Maharaj – Budget Analyst
Cinthia Loera – Assistant Business Officer
Ruth Tesfai – Human Resources Analyst
Octavio Rodriguez – Transportation Services Manager
Nicole Ngaosi – Social Work Assistant
Lila Reyes – Internship Director
Live Maluia – Internship Director
Chidera Izuchukwu – Basic Needs Manager
Layhearn Tep – Technology Manager
Monica Mendoza – Writing Success Program Director

K-14 College Access (SIOC) Professional Staff

Vanessa Macadamia – American Indian Recruitment (AIR)
Evelyn Tran – Higher Education Project for Education (HOPE)
Mohamed Hussin – Mentors for Academic and Peer Support (MAPS)
Live Maluia – Pacific Islander Education and Retention (PIER)
Justine Hicks – Students Heightening Academic Performance through Education (SHAPE)
Maurus Dumalaog – Samahang Pilipino Advancing Community Empowerment (SPACE)
Victor Gonzalez – MEChA Xinachtli

Student Retention (CRC) Professional Staff

Chanell Nealon – Academic Supports Program (ASP)
Alejandra Gonzalez – MEChA Calmecac
Dreonna Johnson- Retention of American Indians Now! (RAIN!)
Pimlada Tantiwuttipong – Southeast Asian Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR)
Elaine Rimban – Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention (SPEAR)